Announcing the new Conserv Mobile!

When you work in a museum, archive, library, or gallery, you can count on spending a pretty significant amount of time away from your desk.  Why wouldn’t you? Being able to spend time out in the collection is one of the best parts of working there!  With the latest release of Conserv Mobile, you can take Conserv with you.  Conserv Mobile helps you check on your current conditions on the go, record things you notice that need attention, and even do your integrated pest management program work while out in spaces. If you aren’t a current Conserv user and are ready to get started on the free software, we just ask that you take a quick survey to help us understand how to best help you:



Let’s take a look at what’s new!

Mobile Observations

Sensor data, HVAC data and other automated data collection systems are great for understanding environmental trends in your spaces, but for many things there is no substitute for a pair of well trained, astute human eyes!  When you are out in the collection, you notice things.  Water leaks or spots on the ceilings or walls, cleaning issues, or other problems with your spaces or locations that need attention can be quickly and easily captured in Conserv with Mobile Observations.  Select the space or location that is affected, attach a photo, make a note and send that observation directly to Conserv.  Once it is there, you and your colleagues can all get on the same page.  As an added bonus, those observations can also show up in your environmental analytics, providing a way to see how damage and other issues relate to your collection environment.

Mobile Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management is a critical preventive conservation function for any institution with objects that can be damaged by pest activity.  Integrated Pest Management can also be a bit tedious.  Pest monitors are spread throughout the building, sometimes lost, and the data is tough to manage.  Conserv IPM makes it easier and with Conserv Mobile it’s simpler than ever to work IPM into your routine.  Once you have all of your pest monitor locations set up in Conserv you can capture images of your pest monitors right from your phone, send them to Conserv IPM, and then start the identification process on your computer with large images, zoom functions, curated pest lists and identification images and more!  If you are a Conserv user and haven’t gotten started with Conserv IPM, please contact us and we’ll help you get set up!

Current Conditions

Does something just not feel right?  With Conserv Cloud Mobile it is easy to check the current environmental conditions out in your spaces that are monitored by Conserv Smart Collection sensors.  Just tap on “Current Readings” on the home screen and see the most recent readings in your spaces.  Want to look a little deeper?  Simply tap one of the sensor cards to see a graph of historical readings.


Conserv mobile is available for both Apple and Android devices.  Ready to get started?  Grab the app and go!  This is a major overhaul of our mobile experience, but it’s just the beginning!  Want to suggest a feature, or show us a way to make your life easier?  We’re listening!