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Environmental Control for Collections

One of the major goals of a data monitoring program is to eventually make improvements to your collection environment. These improvements can be in the form of reduced energy consumption, changes to increase the longevity of the collection materials, or a combination of the two. Actively adjusting temperature, humidity, light, and the collection’s physical surroundings […]

Defining Environmental Monitoring Goals

Defining environmental goals – what are you looking to monitor? When setting up an environmental monitoring program one of the first questions to ask is what are you looking to monitor. Like with any program you need to have an idea of what you are trying to accomplish. Having an understanding about what your monitoring […]

Evolution of Monitoring Technology

Understanding the environment your collections are housed in is not a new concept. Curators and collectors have historically recognized that things like sun exposure, moisture levels, and heat can cause significant damage to items meant to be preserved for ages. For some time, however, the means by which collection spaces could be evaluated were limited. […]