Image analysis with open source Fiji software – examples from archaeology

Using Fiji software for cultural heritage analysis

In this series of blogs we share the webinars organised by…

The Small Collections Monitoring Program – What is it?

M. Susan Barger of the Conserv Community Board introduces the…
Gatehouse window before shutter conservation project. Peeling green and white paint.

Windows to the past: Shutter conservation on the Winterthur estate

This guest blog about shutter conservation at the Winterthur…

Working On-Site from Far Away: Remote Environmental Monitoring with Conserv

This guest blog features a summary of research by Allison Kelley,…

Environmental Monitoring for Teams: Shelburne Museum on Conserv

At CONSERV we care about collections AND the people who care…
Dara Lohnes-Davies loves what Conserv does with Wireless Environmental Monitoring for Museums

Wireless Environmental Monitoring for Museums: “Keep doing what you’re doing”

At CONSERV we care about collections AND the people who care…
graphic illustration of a person with curly hair taking a shower in a bathroom with a sink, mirror, and piece of art

Art in the bathroom? Examining a microclimate to inform household exhibitions

This guest blog features a summary of research on the microclimates…

Conserv: Powered by Your Insights

To create effective preventive conservation tools, Conserv takes input/feedback very seriously, and uses it to continually upgrade the user experience.

Conserv Welcomes Melissa King

Melissa King is one of Conserv's newest team members! She comes to us from a Samuel H. Kress Fellowship in Preventive Conservation at the Smithsonian, and she is eager to help us build our connections with the preservation community.
Two tourists standing in the middle of a large museum hall with pillars on both sides.

Conserv is on a Mission to Support Cultural Preservation

Conserv is on a mission to support cultural preservation, with a goal of empowering conservators everywhere to do more to care for collections.