The Definitive Guide to Environmental Monitoring

The Definitive Guide to Environmental Monitoring for Collections?! We’ve…
Melissa King performing CAP at the USS Salem in Quincy, Massachussets. Photo credit: Lisa Goldberg

Announcing a New Partner! FAIC’s Collections Assessment for Preservation (CAP)

FAIC’s Collections Assessment for Preservation (CAP) and Conserv…
Person in front of a laptop checking their phone for the alerts they have set up for their Conserv sensors

Preparing for the unexpected: the value of real-time environmental monitoring

An effective environmental monitoring program is about more than…
View of the hall at the SMA Annual Conference 2022

Team Conserv at the 2022 SMA Annual Conference

Conserv at the SMA Annual Conference I was fortunate to represent…
Image analysis with open source Fiji software – examples from archaeology

Using Fiji software for cultural heritage analysis

In this series of blogs we share the webinars organised by…

Working On-Site from Far Away: Remote Environmental Monitoring with Conserv

This guest blog features a summary of research by Allison Kelley,…
Conservation Liaison Claire Winfield at work in the lab

Conserv Welcomes Claire Winfield

The team at Conserv is growing! This week we are introducing:…

Conserv’s new environmental monitoring mobile app

When you work in a museum, archive, library, or gallery, you…
Melissa King performing environmental monitoring readings

Conserv Welcomes Melissa King

Melissa King is one of Conserv's newest team members! She comes to us from a Samuel H. Kress Fellowship in Preventive Conservation at the Smithsonian, and she is eager to help us build our connections with the preservation community.
Black and white picture of Austin Senseman writing on a whiteboard.

Meet Austin Senseman – Conserv’s CEO

Today Austin serves as the CEO of Conserv, a startup with a mission of bringing better care to more of the world's 450,000+ art and cultural collections.