Join the Conserv Team!

In late 2018 the Conserv team made a leap.  We had secure jobs in tech, but there was something missing.  We wanted to own our own destiny and create a great company along the way.  Our journey began with curiosity.  Where were there interesting jobs to be done?  Where could we find people that wanted better solutions for the problems they faced?  Who do we get excited about serving?  We spent the end of 2018 and early 2019 finding the answers to those questions, relentlessly testing our own assumptions and questioning everything.

Today, we have a niche that we care about, a product in a market full of amazing personalities, and our first customers. We have gotten to the point where we need a product manager.  Our culture puts a premium on gratitude, transparency and being curious to the point of obsession.  Joining the Conserv team means you need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, adept at dealing with change, and mentally prepared for life at a startup!

We put our customers at the center of everything we do, so the person that takes on this role should expect to spend a lot of time in museums, galleries, libraries, archives and other spaces full of beautiful things.  We’ve been doing this since we started Conserv, and it is exactly as awesome as it sounds.  You’ll need to get to know the conservators, registrars, curators, collection managers, private collectors and art logistics professionals that make up our customers.  What do they care about?  How do they think about preservation?  What can we do to take the friction out of their jobs and bring some joy to the experience of using our products?  How can we help them focus on what brought them into the field to begin with?

As is often the case with a startup, this role will require more than just what’s in the job title.  We need to build a great overall experience and that means we need to pay a LOT of attention to customer success.  How do we make sure that our customers are getting value above and beyond what they expected from the product?  How do we measure how happy they are with us, and how do we ensure that remains the case?  What steps do we need to take to make sure that we never end up as shelfware, a product that was bought but never adopted?  What do we need to do to create a journey that is pleasant and productive?  Most importantly, we can’t ever forget where we started, with our customer’s voice in our minds all day, every day.

Our ideal candidate would have:

* Some university level study in business, marketing, design thinking, or a related technical field.
* A love for technology, including a familiarity with the Internet of Things, Cloud Platforms, and Software as a Service delivery.
* An interest in the arts, history, archival science, library science, and preservation.
* Excellent communication skills both in writing and verbally.
* Good organization skills and a habit of paying attention to the details.
* Goal oriented, with a willingness to play what ever role on the team is necessary to make customers successful with our products.
* Excited to get out of the office and meet new people, including travel up to 25% of the time.
* Courage to ask a lot of questions and challenge our assumptions. Curiosity is a virtue.

The person that moves into this role will be responsible for understanding our market, the personas, our customers, and how to capture what they truly need and translate that into insights that our development team can act against.

If you want to join us on a wild ride introduce yourself via email at and tell us how you are prepared to succeed in this challenging role.  Be ready to talk about what you would do in the first 30, 60 and 90 days.  We move fast.