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Conserv courses and webinar series

As a company with a passion for conservation and a mission to support the preservation of cultural heritage, we are interested in the improvement of collections management everywhere – regardless of the size of the institution, the amount of staff or its geographical location.

This is why we are starting Conserv courses and webinar series.

Our goals

Our courses and series are intended to fulfill the following goals:

  • Provide the preservation community with accessible courses, information and webinars on various conservation topics.
  • Connect conservation thought leaders with cultural heritage professionals.
  • Strengthen the preservation community by sharing resources, information and connections.
  • Extend the free use of the Conserv Cloud app to all heritage institutions looking to improve their environmental monitoring practices.

This page will be continuously updated with new webinars.

Take the course or simply watch the recordings

Conserv webinars and courses can be used in two ways depending on you:

  1. Watch the videos within our Learning Platform and finish short quizzes. Finish all the videos and quizzes, and you will receive a Conserv Certificate of Completion OR
  2. Just watch the videos for your own reference and interest.



Integrated Pest Management for Collections

Watch IPM Webinars (no certificate of completion)

Watch Water Emergency Webinars (no certificate of completion)

Water Risk and Your Collection
Initial Response
Water Incidents: Case Studies

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