Conserv Data Collection Sensor Datalogger

Environmental data collection

Conserv’s wireless data collection devices are so much more than traditional data loggers. They are purpose-built for cultural heritage preservation and leverage a built-in network that has more range than WiFi. We are bringing environmental monitoring into the modern era.

Conserv Data Collection Sensor Datalogger


Our sensors and gateways work harmoniously together to deliver real-time data to the Conserv data analysis software within minutes of setup. Get a clear picture of temperature, relative humidity, and light readings anywhere you place a sensor with industry-leading levels of accuracy. The era of data loggers is ending, wireless sensors are here to stay.


Simple to setup wireless sensors & gateways


Long range, long battery life


Accurate temp/RH/light data


Recalibration included in subscription cost


Battery replacement included in cost

Conserv Data Collection Devices Sensors Gateway

Available sensors

Conserv Smart Collection Sensor For Environmental Monitoring

Smart collection sensor

This wireless sensor is designed & built by Conserv. It measures temperature, RH, light, and sensor movement.

Conserv Leak Detection Sensor For Collection Protection & Environmental Monitoring

Leak detection sensor

This sensor detects moisture and sends an alert when water is detected. Great for storage areas with potential water impact.

Rope leak sensor

Rope leak detection sensor

The rope leak sensor allows for greater surface area of detection as opposed to a singular point detection.

Conserv Outdoor Sensor for Collections Care Environmental Monitoring

Outdoor sensor

This rugged weatherproof sensor gives you precise information for exterior temperature and relative humidity monitoring.

Conserv Cold Storage Sensor For Collections Care Environmental Monitoring

Cold storage sensor

A condensation-proof sensor that measures temperature and RH for cold storage or pest management treatments.

Our commitment to sustainability

We use environmentally friendly, reusable content in our packaging materials

Other perks of Conserv devices

Conserv Data Collection Devices No More Hassles

No more data hassles

Your collection can save 100 hours a year in manual data collection and analysis:

  • Wireless real-time data with alerts
  • Simple setup, it just works
  • Web-based software, nothing to install
  • Recalibration at no additional cost
Conserv Environmental Data Collection Devices Icon - Sensor Accuracy Calibration

Accurate sensors

Top-end calibration for preservation professionals

  • Temperature: ±0.1° C, -40° to 125° C
  • Relative Humidity: ±1%, 0-100%
  • Illuminance: 1-64K lux
  • Movement: 3-axis movement detection
Conserv Environmental Data Collection Devices Wireless LoRaWAN Icon

Wireless that works

No Wi-Fi or internet connection required to operate Conserv

  • Long battery life, 3+ years
  • Open non-proprietary network technology
  • Works with a variety of sensors
  • Uses LoRaWAN, not Bluetooth or WiFi

Understanding LoRaWAN

A LoRaWAN is a far superior network for building an environmental monitoring system instead of WiFi or Bluetooth. The amount of data transmitted by sensors is small enough that a Long Range Wide Area Network network means that far fewer network gateways can service a very large area at your institution, whereas WiFi or Bluetooth would run into range struggles.

Conserv LoRaWAN Network Range Visualization

Success Stories

McWane Science Center Museum Logo -- Conserv Customer Success Story

Conserv is an elegant solution to a problem that every museum has.

Jun Ebersole

Director of Collections, McWane Science Center

Shelbourne Museum Logo - Conserv Customer Success

Conserv is constantly getting in touch with us about what they’re working on, and what I think about it. So much of this work is about listening—and Conserv does that well.

Nancie Ravenel

Objects Conservator, The Shelburne Museum

University of Wyoming Art Museum Logo Conserv Customer

Real-time alerts about temperature and humidity have made it so much easier to build our understanding of how our building interacts with the exterior environment.

Dara Lohnes-Davies

Collections Manager, University of Wyoming Art Museum

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