Environmental Monitoring for Storage

Storage spaces are difficult to monitor. Environmental monitoring for storage is important, and Conserv makes it easy.

Environmental Monitoring for Loans

The whole process of collecting, analyzing, and sharing environmental data for loans is now much simpler.

Four Takeaways from the ARCS Conference

Ellen Orr and Sara Cannon went to the Association of Registrars and Collection Specialists Conference in Philadelphia to learn how we can better help them.

Joining Conserv with a Focus on Collection Care

Ellen Orr, our collections specialist talks about joining Conserv with a mission of collection care.

Three takeaways from the Southeastern Museums Conference

One of our passions is to continuously acquire and share knowledge. We sent our cxo Sara Cannon to Southeastern Museums Conference with that goal in mind.

Joining Conserv with a Mission of User Experience

Conserv strives to make the preservation of objects easier through smart environmental monitoring. This gives conservators the freedom and cognitive space to focus on what they need to most - the object itself. While we know what our focus is - Better care for more collections - we are striving to improve how User Experience can enhance this care.

Why LoRaWAN for Environmental Monitoring

LoRaWAN is a great solution for wireless, conservation-focused environmental monitoring.

Conserv Launch

This post is meant to capture a moment in time. Today. Our launch party. How did we get here, what have we built, where are we going?

The Importance of Conservation

Conservation is the all those actions taken toward the long-term preservation of cultural heritage and Conserv is on a mission to support conservators.

Meet Austin Senseman – Conserv’s CEO

Today Austin serves as the CEO of Conserv, a startup with a mission of bringing better care to more of the world's 450,000+ art and cultural collections.