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What’s an appropriate temperature for my collection?

We've launched *Levels* in Conserv Cloud so that you, as a first step, can set and evaluate environmental levels for your collection.

Environmental Monitoring & Working from Home

On a normal day disconnected data loggers are a small hassle, but when there's a real emergency non-wireless solutions just don't work at all.

Environmental levels: let go of standards, embrace your baselines

If you're not 100% sure what environment is appropriate for your collection, you're not alone. Making sense of the standards and recommendations is hard.

Joining Conserv with a Passion for Creative Problem Solving

Alex Townley has joined Conserv with a Passion for Creative Problem Solving

Environmental Monitoring for Storage

Storage spaces are difficult to monitor. Environmental monitoring for storage is important, and Conserv makes it easy.

Environmental Monitoring for Loans

The whole process of collecting, analyzing, and sharing environmental data for loans is now much simpler.