#AskAConservator Day – Conserv style!

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What is #AskAConservator Day?

The American Institute for Conservation (AIC) encourages a social media campaign using the hashtag #AskAConservator Day every year on November.

Why November?

#AskAConservator Day commemorates the flooding in Florence, Italy on November 4th, 1966. This flood was so severe, it caused damage to priceless buildings and items of cultural heritage. Fortunately, many buildings and objects have been saved thanks to international efforts and collaborations. Today, conservators around the world celebrate #AskAConservator Day to create opportunities for everyone to engage with conservators on social media.

Two women standing before wall in Florence with a white high water mark of the 1966 flood. At this point the marker is about 4 metres (13 ft) high. The aftereffects of this flood gave birth to #AskAConservator day.

This image from the 1966 flood article in Wikipedia shows a square in Florence. Note the white high water mark of the 1966 flood. The marker is about 4 metres (13 ft) high.

Conserv conservators answer your questions!

Conserv is more than just a sensor and environmental monitoring software company. Because we want to give you the best possible support, we have conservators on the team who understand your needs and feel your pains.

This is why this year, our Conservation Liaisons will answer your questions, curiosities and concerns for all things conservation.

Melissa has worked at fine art, historic house, archaeology, and natural history museums. Additionally, she is a very accomplished pet portrait artist.

Meanwhile, Claire is originally a paintings conservator with extensive experience in light monitoring and private studio conservation.

  • Are you interested in a conservation career?
  • Do you want to know what our software does?
  • Do you wish to hear a conservation-themed Halloween story?

There really are no limits to what you may ask us, so go ahead and send us your questions before the end of the month. On November 4th, we will answer in video form through all of our social media accounts.

Learn more about conservation and win some Conserv swag

Send us your questions here before the end of the month for a chance to win some Conserv swag!

How can you win?

  1. Follow us on social media!
  2. Share the post about #AskAConservator Day and tag a friend
  3. Send us your question

We will hold a random selection of all valid entries on November 4th.

Good luck!

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