Data Logger Software Options For Collections Care

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The wireless data loggers you buy are one thing, but the data logger software is another. You may be very happy with the data loggers you chose based on their range, battery, durability, and accuracy – but is their associated software up to speed? Does your environmental monitoring platform give you all the features you require to make your job easier and decision-making clearer? Does your software contribute to your peace of mind?

Regardless of your device choice, data logger software can either hinder or empower you to monitor and maintain the environmental parameters you require to preserve your collections. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top data logger software options that have been either traditionally used or tailored specifically for collections care (in some cases both!). In alphabetical order, here we go!


Conserv is a bespoke and comprehensive hardware and software environmental monitoring solution that provides a holistic approach to managing collections. It integrates data logging capabilities with collections management features, offering a centralized platform for professionals to monitor their environmental conditions.

Conserv Cloud allows collections care specialists to track environmental parameters on a web-based cloud which can also be accessed through mobile apps. It offers preservation-related key performance indicators, real-time monitoring, unlimited users, IPM monitoring capabilities, and customizable alerts to ensure the timely detection of potentially harmful environmental conditions. It also includes local outdoor weather conditions and calculates dew point fo you. The software’s ability to add observations and create facilities reports streamlines the workflow for professionals, making it a powerful tool for museums, galleries, and institutions with diverse collections.

While you will get the most out of Conserv Cloud with Conserv’s wireless data loggers, it is also possible to manually upload exported data from many other common data loggers in a .csv format. If you decide to use your own sensors with Conserv Cloud, the software and all its features are completely free. If you have Conserv data loggers, the software will be included in your subscription.

Conserv is based in the United States and the software is available around the globe. The hardware requires specific certifications for sale outside of North America, so it is only currently available in Europe, USA and Canada.

If you are interested in trying out Conserv Cloud, just head over and open a free software account. The data logger software is entirely web-based, so no installation is required.

Gemini Tinytag Explorer

The Gemini Tinytag Explorer Software is an ideal choice for collections care professionals who require a solution priced at their specific needs. Compatible with the Tinytag data loggers, this software offers robust graphing and reporting capabilities for temperature, humidity, and other critical environmental factors.

Tinytag Explorer comes at three different prices or subscriptions depending on which features you require. Real-time access or alarms, for example, are not available at the cheapest option.

Gemini Tinytag Explorer software provides a user-friendly interface for data analysis, enabling professionals to create custom reports and graphs. If you are interested in trying out this data logger software, you can download a free demo from their website and try it out with a 6-week trial period. You should note that Tinytag Explorer seems to be only available for Windows. The company is UK-based.

Hanwell’s EMS and HanLog

Hanwell’s EMS (Environmental Monitoring Software) is a comprehensive solution that combines data logging with environmental monitoring for collections care. This software allows professionals to monitor a wide range of parameters, including temperature, humidity, and more, with real-time data access. They include a Plan View which allows for visualization of sensor location within your spaces.

Hanwell’s EMS Software features customizable dashboards, alert notifications, and in-depth reporting tools. It is a robust choice for institutions with large and diverse collections, as it offers scalability and centralized control over environmental monitoring. Just like Conserv, they offer mobile Android and iPhone Hanwell EMS apps. EMS license is based on the maximum number of sensors on your network with the lowest option allowing up to 300 sensors. Hanwell’s EMS is browser-based and requires no installation.

Hanwell also has an older data logger software version called HanLog which comes for free with any purchased Hanwell Pro data loggers and can also be downloaded from the website. It is compatible with the HL4000 and MKL4000 Series of Hanwell data loggers. They provide specific instructions on how to transfer HanLog data to eClimate Notebook. HanLog is only available for Windows.

This company is also UK-based. You will need to contact them for pricing options for the data logger software as it is not available on the website.


For collections care professionals already using Onset HOBO data loggers, HOBOware data logger software is a natural choice. Compatible with a (specific) range of HOBO data loggers, this software allows users to monitor temperature, humidity, light, and other environmental parameters with precision.

HOBOware’s user-friendly interface simplifies data analysis, enabling professionals to generate customizable graphs, export data for further analysis, and set up alarm notifications. It’s important to note that HOBOware is downloadable software, so you must be running the correct versions of Windows or Mac for installation.

Just like with Tinytag Explorer, HOBOware has two different levels with a basic free version and a paid Pro version with increased features. You will need to contact them for a quote for the Pro version as it is not readily available on the website. Onset Computer Corporation is a large international entity, so you will be able to find a distributor or representative in a large list of countries.

Image Permanence Institute’s eClimateNotebook

Who in collections care and environmental monitoring has not heard of the Image Permanence Institute’s eClimateNotebook? There is a good reason for this! Until Conserv began operations, eClimateNotebook was the only specialized software designed for collections care professionals to monitor and analyze environmental monitoring data. Thanks to the decades of research carried out by IPI, eClimateNotebook used IPI’s Preservation Metrics ® to aid data analysis and decision making.

After serving the preservation community for years, IPI announced the launch of an upgraded version of eClimateNotebook in 2023 which will include enhanced data uploads, data management, improved resources and design. It will also work with a variety of data loggers, specifically HOBO devices as IPI has a partnership with Onset.

The new eClimateNotebook subscription-style software offers 4 different levels of pricing based mostly on the number of allowed users in the account. The free option is no longer available. Above 30 users, the Enterprise option starts at $2000 per year and can be arranged on a per-institution basis.

As it is attached to the IPI in Rochester, New York, eClimateNotebook is based in the United States, although its users are all around the world.

T&D Graph

T&D Graph is a user-friendly data logger software solution that excels in simplicity and efficiency. It is designed for professionals who need quick access to real-time data and straightforward analysis. This software supports several series of T&D data loggers.

T&D Graph offers customizable dashboards, enabling collections care specialists to monitor critical parameters at a glance. It provides the flexibility to export data in various formats and set up alerts for immediate notification of deviations from desired conditions. This simplicity makes it an excellent choice for smaller collections or those with limited technical resources.

Be aware that T&D Graph is downloadable software available for both Mac and Windows but with minimum system requirements. One excellent feature of T&D Graph that we like is that they have a Revision History on their website demonstrating continuous bug fixes and updates, so just like with Conserv Cloud, you know that the software you are getting is being constantly revised!

According to the T&D website, all software for Windows PC compatible software and mobile apps is provided free of charge, so that’s one less thing to worry about!

T&D is a Japanese corporation, but their distributors are worldwide, so you can be sure to be able to get local support in your region.

Testo Cloud

Testo Cloud is a cloud-based solution that simplifies data logging and monitoring for collections care professionals. Compatible with Testo’s 160 series data loggers, this software provides real-time access to environmental data from anywhere with an internet connection.

Testo Cloud offers common advanced features such as remote data access, customizable alerts, and data analysis tools. Professionals can track temperature, humidity, and other critical parameters, ensuring collections remain in optimal conditions. The cloud-based nature of this software adds convenience and flexibility to collections care management.

Just like with Tinytag Explorer and HOBOware, Testo Cloud has different pricing options depending on the range of functions you are looking for. The basic license is free, while the extended Advanced License requires a quote. You should note that even the Advanced License will limit you to 10 users, so it might not be the best solution for you if you have a large number of staff members who require access. Testo is based in the USA.


Data logger software is an indispensable tool for collections care professionals dedicated to preserving and safeguarding their collections. While most of these software options have not been designed specifically for collections professionals, they still cater to many of our unique needs, offering real-time monitoring, data analysis, and customizable alerts. We hope that the list above will help you evaluate your specific needs and requirements for environmental monitoring data logger software. If you are still unsure about which loggers to buy, check out our other blog post on 5 data loggers you can buy in 2023 for use in heritage.

If you have any questions about environmental monitoring, integrated pest management, or just want to talk about preventative conservation, please reach out to us! Don’t forget to check out our blog or join our community of collections care professionals where you can discuss hot topics, connect with your peers or even take a course to get familiar with the Conserv platform.

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