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by | Aug 24, 2023 | Blog, New Features

At Conserv one of our biggest points of pride is that we are always updating our platform to meet your expectations and needs. We love connecting with our users and prioritizing improvements to the Conserv Environmental Monitoring Platform that will deliver the biggest impacts to user experience.

Last month we released an updated feature many users were asking for by replacing our Relative Damage Ratio indicator with the industry standard Time-Weighted Preservation Index (TWPI), you can learn more about that improvement here.

This month we are excited to announce that the Conserv software now has a connectivity indicator for our proprietary gateways. These devices produce the LoRaWAN network that connects our sensors over great distances while using a very small amount of power as compared to WiFi or Bluetooth.

The gateways transmit sensor collected data to Conserv’s cloud-based software via cellular networks or they can be hardwired into an existing LAN using an ethernet connection. It’s the gateway’s connection to the internet that empowers all of Conserv’s real-time data capabilities including alerts, data analysis and crisis mitigation.

We want to take a moment to thank all the Conserv customers for their valuable feedback to help make this feature possible for all Conserv users, with a special thank you to:

  • Abed Haddad – The Museum of Modern Art
  • William Bennett – Smithsonian Institution Archives
  • Jeffrey Warda – Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

So what does this change mean?

Conserv New Gateway Card With Connectivity Feature

The new “gateway card” in the Conserv Cloud software received the following improvements which will help increase the connectivity, reliability and troubleshooting aspects of Conserv devices. Just like the sensor sensor status cards in the Conserv software you will have a connectivity indicator to ensure the best performance of your gateways by showing you the following information:


  • It shows whether the gateway is connected via ethernet or cellular (SIM card)
  • If it’s connected via cellular, what is it’s signal strength is to ensure the best transmission of data

Where will you find this in the Conserv software?

Here is a video tour of this new gateway connectivity feature in the platform from our Chief Product Officer, Dave Masom:

We are always looking for more feedback

Today, over 300 museums, libraries, archives and historic properties are monitoring their collection environments with Conserv, and we are committed to providing you with tools that are designed with you in mind.

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