Integrated Pest Management Software Released to the Wild!

by | May 3, 2021 | Blog, Integrated Pest Management

Conserv’s Collections-Focused Integrated Pest Management Software

You can now experience Conserv’s collections-focused integrated pest management software, and it’s free to use! Let go of your old Excel tables and check out our mobile app, which will let you log your insects as you do your rounds. What were we looking for?

  • Easy data collection. We wanted you to be able to record your IPM observations and environmental data in the same place.
  • Analysis built for you. We wanted to give you something better than Excel. The software provides the metrics and builds the reports and graphs you need to take action.
  • Incredible customer service. We are here to listen and want to make sure you have an incredible experience with the product.

What does the mobile integrated pest management software allow you to do?

  • Trap. Set up your monitors in the software with the associated locations. Add special notes and comments.
  • Observe. Take images of your insect monitors and insects on the go.
  • Identify the insect you know or think you have thanks to our partnership with the database.
  • Analyse. Help you normalise your results with Jane Henderson’s and Christian Baar’s Pest Occurrence Index.
  • Share. Conserv allows you to have unlimited users on your account, so everyone you need will be able to see your IPM monitoring results on a desktop or on their smartphone/tablet.

Check out the webinar we did on its release in 2021

Feel free to try out our software today. You do not need to have bought sensors to test the software and its capabilities!

If you have any questions about environmental monitoring, integrated pest management, or just want to talk about preventative conservation, please reach out to us! Don’t forget to check out our blog or join our community of collections care professionals where you can discuss hot topics, connect with your peers or even take a course to get familiar with the Conserv platform.

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