Remote environmental monitoring equipment for museums

At Conserv, we care about collections AND the people who care for collections. We talked to Toni back in May 2022 on disaster preparedness at The National World War II Museum in New Orleans and wanted to learn more about her and how she uses Conserv as the Director for Collections Management.   Toni acquired […]

Preservation tools for collection care designed to save you time

At Conserv, we care about collections AND the people who care for collections. In this latest blog, we talked with Kristen Costa about how she uses Conserv’s museum preservation tools to take tasks off of her plate as she manages a collection spread over different locations. As the Senior Curator of the eclectic Newport Restoration […]

Preparing for the unexpected: the value of real-time environmental monitoring

An effective environmental monitoring program is about more than measuring the environment. There are many challenges that need to be overcome to properly protect a collection: Staff may not be available for full-time monitoring Storage locations may be many and far apart Facilities teams and conservation teams may not have regular communications Collections staff may […]

Conserv’s new environmental monitoring mobile app

When you work in a museum, archive, library, or gallery, you can count on spending a pretty significant amount of time away from your desk.  Why wouldn’t you? Being able to spend time out in the collection is one of the best parts of working there! With the latest release of our environmental monitoring mobile […]

Finding the Poetry in Library Environmental Monitoring

While caring for the special collections at the University of Arizona Poetry Center Library, Sarah Kortemeir worries about relative humidity, data loggers and environmental monitoring—while also serving as the library’s director. Read about how Conserv helps her monitor the collections, so she has more time to do what she does best.

Conserv features: Real-time alerts for environmental monitoring

Conserv’s real-time alerts give you a little more peace of mind to focus on other collection issues.

Case study: checking once a day isn’t enough

Conserv has partnered with the Albany Museum of art to improve their collection environment with real-time temperature and relative humidity data.

What’s an appropriate temperature for my collection?

We’ve launched *Levels* in Conserv Cloud so that you, as a first step, can set and evaluate environmental levels for your collection.

Environmental Monitoring & Working from Home

On a normal day disconnected data loggers are a small hassle, but when there’s a real emergency non-wireless solutions just don’t work at all.